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Urus is an acclimatization mountain to prepare for the higher peaks in the Cordillera Blanca. It's normally considered a trekking peak more than a climbing one, but weather conditions can make this 'easy' summit far from a sure bet. Crevasses are not a concern as the moutain only has a small snow cap. The normal route is bordering the small glacier for a slope of snow not complicated. The interest in this peak is for its location with great views and the height over the 5000 meters (5420 meters is a very good reward). It's the perfect acclimatization trip. If your time in Peru is short or you have little high altitude experience the climbs in this valley should be considered.





Day 1: Huaraz – Collon 3500m – Ishinca base camp 4200m.

Day 2:  Base camp – Urus summit 5420m– Base camp

Day 3: Base camp – Huaraz.

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